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Big things are coming!

Big things are coming really soon! Keep an eye out here for updates for a big announcement!

Word Frenzy updates

For those of you who are experiencing a “hanging on a black screen” problem after this most recent update, try the following to fix it:

From your device home screen, press the device “Menu” button then press “Settings”. In the settings menu, look for “Applications” and press it. Then press “Manage Applications”. In this screen, look for Word Frenzy Free and select it.
Once in the Word Frenzy Free screen, there should be a “Force stop” button. If it is active, press it. Give the game a whirl again and see if that fixes anything.

If the above doesn’t work, please contact us.

Word Frenzy updates

Word Frenzy (and Free) has been recently updated. Updates include game library updates, bug fixes, and modifications to the game dictionary. If anyone is experiencing problems with this update, please let us know!

Some people have reported issues with the game stopping on a black screen when it starts after this update. While we are still trying to reproduce this issue, some general things you can do to remedy this are as follows:

1) Go into your “Manage Applications” settings and “Force Stop” Word Frenzy
2) If that fails, it looks like an uninstall/reinstall of the app will clear things up.

We are still looking into this issue. Please be patient!

Word Mix updates

Just updated Word Mix. Update includes a new Spanish dictionary and updates to OpenFeint to fix some crashing issues.

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