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Word Mix and mysterious sticking buttons

*UPDATE* I have found the cause of this bug. If you have some letters in the guess row, then rotate the screen, it will allow the circles in the letter row to be clickable. If you click on one of these circles it will put a blank bubble in the guess row that will never go away. This can also cause letters to stick in the guess row. I will push out an update to fix this over the weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience! Below is a screenshot of how the game looks when this happens (thanks to Erica for providing this!):

There have been multiple reports of buttons mysteriously sticking in the “guess” row. This is being investigated. If you are experiencing this, please contact Greenrift Software (greenrift@gmail.com) and report the device you are using, the position in the guess row the letter is getting stuck, the letters that are in the current game, and if you started a new game or resumed a game.


Word Mix finally updated

Ok, sorry for the delay. An update to version 1.6 for Word Mix and Word Mix Lite has just been released.

Items included in this update:

- Themes!!! I added in themes which include the original classic look as well as the new graphics.

- Fixed some keyboard support issues with the shift buttons being used as an analog for the “Last” button

- Fixed (hopefully) some issues with corrupted databases/dictionaries. The game should detect this now and attempt to fix itself.

- Made some dictionary updates

- Provided a button in the settings menu to manually refresh the dictionary. Normally an automatic check is done around every 50 levels played.

- Added a fancy intro screen.

Let me know if you find any problems and thanks for continuing to support Word Mix & Word Mix Lite!!

Word Mix and Word Frenzy updates…

Updates for Word Mix and Word Frenzy are coming soon!

>Word Mix Dictionary Update


After the server changes, there was an update to the dictionaries that caused a problem for some levels. Some of the levels are generating long words that appear to be two shorter words joined together. This is a result of there being an error in the dictionary. This has been fixed for both the common words and ospd dictionaries. Please do the following to update your dictionaries (if not prompted by the game to do so):

From the main Word Mix screen, press your devices Menu button. Tap “Settings”. Tap “Dictionaries”. If “common” is currently selected, choose “ospd”. If “ospd” is selected, choose “common”. Press your devices “back” button until you get back to the main Word Mix screen. At this point, you should see a message stating that it is loading the dictionary you chose (If not, try the above steps again). Please try to keep your device active while the dictionary is loading to ensure it gets loaded completely. Also, you will need a connection to the internet while it is doing this.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

>Word Mix Lite reaches 250k downloads!

>Thank you all for all of the support over the past several months. Today marks the day that Word Mix Lite has reached 250,000+ downloads!

Don’t worry! Word Mix (Lite) will keep being updated with new features! The next update is coming in the next week or so.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions and support!

>Web server changes are done!

>Transfer to the new server is done. Please be patient as the high scores slowly update themselves. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know!

>Word Mix major update

v1.5 of Word Mix and Word Mix Lite is out. Updates include new graphics as well as keyboard support and some force close issues.

Keyboard use:

Spacebar = Mix
Enter = Guess
Backspace/Delete = Removes the last letter pressed in the guess
Right shift = Last

>Social aspects in gaming


I’ve been thinking of various items to add to the next Word Mix updates, as well as things to integrate into my next couple of games I’m working on (yes, I AM working on other games, very hush, hush for now though :) ).

How important are social features to you? I’m thinking things like head-to-head play, multiplayer (across network), achievements, high scores, challenging other players, etc.?

I can see how social features like those stated above can get you more involved in a game and with those who enjoy the same games that you do, however sometimes you just want a game that you want to play by yourself with no intrusions into the outside world.

What do you think? Are these types of features important to you? Are they important to you for games such as Word Mix?

Please leave a comment to this post or feel free to email me directly at “greenrift@gmail.com”. I’d appreciate your feedback!

>Web hosting issues on 2/24 (Wednesday)

>UPDATE: Looks like everything is back to normal. Sorry for the interruption or problems you all may have had.


If you are experiencing issues with dictionary downloads or the leader board screen, please be patient. These items are hosted on a web server and the hosting company is having problems today. If you are doing a fresh install of Word Mix (Lite), the game should detect the server being down and automatically default to loading the “built in” dictionary that comes with the game. Again, I am sorry for these issues, but they are out of my control for the time being. Please be patient and I’ll post something when I see that things are back up and running properly.


>V1.4.1 update

>Please upgrade your Word Mix and Word Mix Lite to version 1.4.1 on the Android Market. This update fixes a bug with the Puzzle game.

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