In response to inappropriate words

There have been reports of inappropriate words showing up in Word Frenzy recently. While we make every effort to provide a clean and appropriate words list for everyone to enjoy, sometimes inappropriate or derogatory words might slip through the cracks and our algorithms. We will be reviewing the words list used by our applications and remove the inappropriate words that have been reported as well as any others that we may find. Updates to our applications will follow.

We wholeheartedly apologize for any offenses we may have caused and we will put safeguards in place to make sure words like those will not show up again.

If anyone finds any questionable words as they play, please take the time to report them so we can take action.

Word Frenzy Free updated

Word Frenzy Free has been updated to include an update to the OpenFeint software that allows high score posts to be saved until they can be uploaded to the OpenFeint servers.  Also included in this update is a fix so the ads don’t interfere with the New Game or Next Level buttons.

Word Mix update coming soon

A minor update to Word Mix (and Lite) will be released in the next couple of days.  The updates will include offline score storage.  This will allow your score to be stored on your device and uploaded to the leader board automatically when you have an internet connection.  Your score will also be portable.  So, if you get a new device, reinstall the app, purchase Word Mix after playing Word Mix Lite for a while, when you sign into your OpenFeint account you will be able to migrate your scores over to the new install.  Other updates include some dictionary updates and minor bug fixes.

Word Frenzy updates

Word Frenzy and Word Frenzy Free have been updated to v1.1.3.  This update includes Open Feint updates, dictionary improvements, and bug fixes.  Please feel free to email any questions or problems you may have!

Word Mix updates

Word Mix and Word Mix Lite have been updated to v1.7.3.

Fixes include:

  • Open Feint updates
  • Dictionary improvements
  • Bug fixes

In order to make sure your dictionary is up to date, from the main Word Mix menu, press your device “Menu” button, then press “Settings”.  In the settings choose “Update Dictionary”.  This should download the most recent dictionary updates.  If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to send an email!

Word Mix and Word Mix Lite updated

Word Mix and Word Mix Lite have been updated to v1.7.2.

Changes include:

  • Bug fixes for force closes
  • Improved save games.
  • Modified the definition look up to fix a “word of the day” bug.  Also, all words in the words list should now have definitions available.  If not, please contact us.
  • OpenFeint library update should make things more stable on the OpenFeint end.
  • Fixed a bug with the Resume buttons on Word Mix

That’s about it for this go around.  Be looking for an update to the common and advanced dictionaries in the near future.  These are being cleaned up removing almost 4000 questionable words or abbreviations or slang terms.

Word Frenzy Free update

Word Frenzy Free has been updated to v1.1 to match that of Word Frenzy.  It now has the same features as Word Frenzy including the Open Feint integration.  A new ad provider has been chosen to integrate into Word Frenzy Free.  This means that there are no longer any banner ads on the game play screen.  Instead, there will be occasional full screen ads at the end of levels.  So, enjoy the lack of banner ads.  I feel that this will allow you to stay focused on the level at hand instead of adding to distractions.  Any comments on this are welcome!

Word Frenzy Update

Word Frenzy v1.1 has been released (finally)! This version implements Open Feint, which handles the global high scores as well as achievements (trophies). This update will be included in Word Frenzy Free in the coming days as well.

To track your score in the global high scores, you will need to create an Open Feint account. This can be done inside Word Frenzy. See <a href=”http://www.openfeint.com”>Open Feint</a> for more details.

Word Mix Lite update

Word Mix Lite 1.6.4 update removes the new Phone Calls permission. Sorry!

Word Mix Lite permissions

I’m listening to your concerns about the Phone Calls: read phone state permissions addition to Word Mix Lite.  This was added in due to a requirement by the ad provider.  I have contacted them to get a response as to why this is now required, as it wasn’t before.  If their response is not to my liking I will change providers and remove the permission.  If I do decide to keep the permission, I will post here (or in the comments) why the permission is there from the ad provider.  If any of you experience issues with the permission, please let me know.  I apologize for this.  I should get a response from them some time today.

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