Word Mix Lite update #2

Think we have the crashing issues figured out. Will be rolling out v1.9.3.2 as a phased rollout to a subset of users. If the issues appear to have been solved, the new version will be released to all. If you have the chance in Google Play to do the update to v1.9.3.2, please do so. As always, we appreciate it when anyone reports any issues!

Word Mix Lite issues

Looks like some crashing issues and score resets are happening after the last update. Looking into the issue. Stay tuned.

Word Mix Lite bug on Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore users: There is a bug that has been discovered that will cause a crash in Word Mix Lite upon starting a level if you are not connected to the internet. This is being worked on and a fix will be available in the next couple days (small delay due to the US holiday tomorrow). Sorry for this! Will post an update when the fix is released.

Amazon announces Amazon Coins

Kindle Fire users! Amazon has announced a new program called Amazon Coins. The basic concept is as you make purchases, use apps, etc. on your Kindle, you can earn Amazon Coins that can then be used to purchase apps, in app items, etc. like real money. I imagine it will be similar to when you purchase some music or apps and get some MP3 or Appstore credit towards your next purchase. Interesting concept and it looks like a win-win for you all and developers!

Get more details below:
Amazon Coins

Word Mix and Word Master on the Nook!

This just in:

Word Mix and Word Master are now LIVE on the Nook Market!

Word Mix: http://goo.gl/5Sclg
Word Master: http://goo.gl/7fV07

Enjoy Nook friendly layouts and a fresh, clean leader board thanks to Scoreloop. Special game play for the Nook is also included. Download today to be one of the first on the leader boards!

Word Mix updated on the Amazon app store (v1.8.1)

Word Mix update (v1.8.1) is now available on the Amazon App store. This fixes the Galaxy Tab 7-inch issue as well as introduces a new twist on game play: Rewards! As you progress through the game, at certain score levels, you will be given a reward. The reward is a certain quantity of one of the following: Retries, Super Hints, or Timer Boosts. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you downloaded the app yesterday, please take time to rate it on the Amazon store…even if you have a scathing review! :)

Here’s the BIG THING

Tomorrow, 9/13/2011, Word Mix will be featured on the Amazon App store as the Free App of the Day! This is an exclusive updated version that brings tablet & large screen support and in-app goodies that enhance game play. Keep your eyes open and pick yourself up a copy!


Big things are coming!

Big things are coming really soon! Keep an eye out here for updates for a big announcement!

Word Frenzy Free Update

An update has been released for Word Frenzy Free in order to resolve the black screen issue. As a result, an additional permission has been added to all the app to write temp files to external storage. If anyone is still having problems after this update, please let us know!

Current and future happenings…

Just wanted to update everyone about what is happening at Greenrift Software. We are currently wrapping up development on “Happy Family”. This is an Android port of the popular iPhone/iPad app from Mobile Parent Inc. It offers a unique way to promote positive behavior for your children. The Android port will have an updated interface and updated graphics. Look for this on the Android Market in the coming weeks.

Post Happy Family, we have several options in front of us. We currently have 2 new app ideas in the storyboard/early development phase, 1 “remake” in the works as well as 1 utility app in the “brainstorming” phase.

As things start to look more clear, we’ll put out updates as to what’s going to be released next. Stay tuned!

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