>Social aspects in gaming


I’ve been thinking of various items to add to the next Word Mix updates, as well as things to integrate into my next couple of games I’m working on (yes, I AM working on other games, very hush, hush for now though :) ).

How important are social features to you? I’m thinking things like head-to-head play, multiplayer (across network), achievements, high scores, challenging other players, etc.?

I can see how social features like those stated above can get you more involved in a game and with those who enjoy the same games that you do, however sometimes you just want a game that you want to play by yourself with no intrusions into the outside world.

What do you think? Are these types of features important to you? Are they important to you for games such as Word Mix?

Please leave a comment to this post or feel free to email me directly at “greenrift@gmail.com”. I’d appreciate your feedback!

>Updates to Word Mix coming soon…

There have been many requests for various features for Word Mix. Some of the features that are coming soon include:

1. You will be able to change the time limit on the timed game. Currently it is set at 2 minutes.
2. There have been some complaints about some of the words not being words in the game. I appreciate any feedback about this. There will be an updated dictionary in the next release taking care of some of these issues.
3. Adding the ability to continue to the next level on the untimed puzzle mode if you get the 6 letter word.

There have also been requests to be able to use built-in keyboards for devices like the Droid, G1, etc. Currently Word Mix is fixed in the vertical layout (portrait). I’ve been thinking about adding a landscape layout so that the keyboard can be used, however these things take time. Hang in there. I’ve been wanting to add keyboard support, so this update will be showing up in one or two updates down the road.

I’m working on some updated graphics, however I’m not sure if these will make it into the next release.

Thanks for your continued support!

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