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Word Mix Lite update #2

Think we have the crashing issues figured out. Will be rolling out v1.9.3.2 as a phased rollout to a subset of users. If the issues appear to have been solved, the new version will be released to all. If you have the chance in Google Play to do the update to v1.9.3.2, please do so. As always, we appreciate it when anyone reports any issues!

Word Mix Lite issues

Looks like some crashing issues and score resets are happening after the last update. Looking into the issue. Stay tuned.

In response to inappropriate words

There have been reports of inappropriate words showing up in Word Frenzy recently. While we make every effort to provide a clean and appropriate words list for everyone to enjoy, sometimes inappropriate or derogatory words might slip through the cracks and our algorithms. We will be reviewing the words list used by our applications and remove the inappropriate words that have been reported as well as any others that we may find. Updates to our applications will follow.

We wholeheartedly apologize for any offenses we may have caused and we will put safeguards in place to make sure words like those will not show up again.

If anyone finds any questionable words as they play, please take the time to report them so we can take action.

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