We’ve been working hard to get Word Mix and Word Frenzy migrated away from OpenFeint. Here is the short/long term plans:

Word Mix:
For Word Mix, we had several platforms we could have used to replace OpenFeint. Due to the nature of some major updates we are working on in the near future (hint: it’s gonna be fun!), we decided to roll our own with the assistance of Parse. We feel that Parse will give use the most flexibility in building out some new features as well as the needed scalability that we will require. So, you may be asking: What will happen to all of my scores and achievements and items once this migration happens? Below is a breakdown of how things will work for the initial release:


  • You will need to create an account in the app to get the most out of Word Mix now and in the future (hint again: The future will be really fun if you do!)
  • You will be required to specify a unique username, email address, and password. Why do we ask for the email address? It is solely used to facilitate forgotten password requests. It will not be sold to aliens, used for nefarious purposes, or otherwise abused.
  • You will be able to link with your Facebook account if you so desire (not required).
  • Upon account creation, high scores will automatically be migrated to the new leader boards.

So, I create my account, what do I get out of it?

  • Game syncing across all your devices including scores, items, and level progression.
  • Your scores posted to the leader boards
  • Access to additional features in later releases (Hint for the 3rd time: Trust us! It’s gonna be great!)
  • Achievements may not make it into the initial release. Please keep in mind we intend to make achievements available with this service, it may just take us a bit longer to get those fully implemented.

But I spent so much time investing in my OpenFeint account. Why should I trust my data with this new service?

  • The good thing about using Parse as our backend, if at any time we are dissatisfied with the service or Parse goes into shambles, Parse has been gracious enough to give us the ability to download all of the Word Mix data into a format that we can easily place into a new system. In other words, none of your data will be lost if Parse is shut down in the future as OpenFeint is now.
  • Also, we are now able to backup all of your important game data and allow you to sync your games across devices!

Ok, I’m sold! When can I expect this awesome update to Word Mix???

  • Be looking for it in Google Play and Amazon before December 14. It will be on the Nook by that date or a little after

Word Frenzy:
Word Frenzy will be migrated over to Scoreloop for the foreseeable future. The Nook version of Word Frenzy has been on Scoreloop since it was released over a year ago. All of the features that Word Frenzy currently has will continue across to the Scoreloop infrastructure. For those of you with OpenFeint accounts, you will need to create a new account once the update has been released. You should be prompted to do so when the app starts for the first time. High scores should be migrated over once you create your account.