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Word Mix and Word Master on the Nook!

This just in:

Word Mix and Word Master are now LIVE on the Nook Market!

Word Mix:
Word Master:

Enjoy Nook friendly layouts and a fresh, clean leader board thanks to Scoreloop. Special game play for the Nook is also included. Download today to be one of the first on the leader boards!

Word Mix updated on the Amazon app store (v1.8.1)

Word Mix update (v1.8.1) is now available on the Amazon App store. This fixes the Galaxy Tab 7-inch issue as well as introduces a new twist on game play: Rewards! As you progress through the game, at certain score levels, you will be given a reward. The reward is a certain quantity of one of the following: Retries, Super Hints, or Timer Boosts. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you downloaded the app yesterday, please take time to rate it on the Amazon store…even if you have a scathing review! :)

Here’s the BIG THING

Tomorrow, 9/13/2011, Word Mix will be featured on the Amazon App store as the Free App of the Day! This is an exclusive updated version that brings tablet & large screen support and in-app goodies that enhance game play. Keep your eyes open and pick yourself up a copy!

Big things are coming!

Big things are coming really soon! Keep an eye out here for updates for a big announcement!

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