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Word Master update (again)

Just released an update to Word Master that fixes sorting by score when blank letters are used as well as blank letter highlighting.

Word Master updated

Just updated Word Master. Updates included a new experimental Spanish dictionary and a fix for scoring when blank letters are used. Check it out on the Market:

All apps updated

Word Mix, Word Frenzy, and Word Master and all variants have been updated to fix the definition lookup. Word Mix has the added benefit of receiving a French dictionary.


NOTICE: It appears as if the definition look up in our apps is malfunctioning at the moment. We are looking into this problem and will get a fix in place as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you need a definition, put in your search bar: “define:” followed by the word you want. ie: define:malfunction

Google I/O

See you all at Google I/O!

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