The Android Market just gave developers the ability to see various statistics regarding their apps.  Here’s a rough breakdown of Android versions that users of Greenrift Software applications are currently on:

  1. Android 2.2 (48.1%)
  2. Android 2.1 (27.7%)
  3. Android 1.5 (14.9%)
  4. Android 1.6 (8.4%)
  5. Android 2.3.3 (0.4%)

So, what can you glean from this?  Well, for one thing, support for Android 1.5 will not be going away any time soon.  Also, the most recent version (2.3.3) has very few users.  If you happen to be one of those users, it would be very helpful to get any feedback on performance or bugs that you may find.  As I find more interesting stats, I’ll post them.  Thanks Android Market team!  And thanks to you all for supporting Greenrift Software!