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Word Mix and Word Mix Lite problems


There has been a bug plaguing Word Mix and Word Mix Lite users.  The bug involves force closes when a new level starts.  This has been a very difficult bug to track down, but I have finally found the cause of it.  The cause is a corrupted game dictionary.  There are checks in place for this when a level starts, but alas, those checks appear to be not catching all instances of corruption.  To work around this, the quickest thing you can do is go into the game settings (from the main menu press “Menu”->”Settings”) and update your dictionary.  I’m working on a fix for this and hopefully will get it released as soon as possible.  Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused any of you!  I’ll post when the update is released.

Word Frenzy updates

Word Frenzy and Word Frenzy Free have been updated to v1.1.3.  This update includes Open Feint updates, dictionary improvements, and bug fixes.  Please feel free to email any questions or problems you may have!

Word Mix updates

Word Mix and Word Mix Lite have been updated to v1.7.3.

Fixes include:

  • Open Feint updates
  • Dictionary improvements
  • Bug fixes

In order to make sure your dictionary is up to date, from the main Word Mix menu, press your device “Menu” button, then press “Settings”.  In the settings choose “Update Dictionary”.  This should download the most recent dictionary updates.  If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to send an email!

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