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Word Mix updated with Open Feint support!

This new release of Word Mix (and Lite) introduces OpenFeint to handle the high scores as well as newly added achievements.  Signing up for an Open Feint account is free, easy and can be done inside of Word Mix.  For those of you who have super high scores in the exiting leader board, it will be maintained until the next major release of Word Mix (a month or two) at which point it will be read only and then retired completely.  So, if you want to continue to have your score tracked, please start an account with OpenFeint.  Oh, did I mention that your existing high score can be uploaded in the leader board screen?

Also included in this update is a new theme for the app.  For some reason I keep doing bluish themes.  If anyone has any ideas for other colors, I’m open!  Other updates include some bug fixes.

Thanks for your continued support!  If you have any questions, comments, complaints, rants, problems, issues, or random thoughts, please feel free to contact Greenrift Software at!

Word Frenzy Free update

Word Frenzy Free has been updated to v1.1 to match that of Word Frenzy.  It now has the same features as Word Frenzy including the Open Feint integration.  A new ad provider has been chosen to integrate into Word Frenzy Free.  This means that there are no longer any banner ads on the game play screen.  Instead, there will be occasional full screen ads at the end of levels.  So, enjoy the lack of banner ads.  I feel that this will allow you to stay focused on the level at hand instead of adding to distractions.  Any comments on this are welcome!

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