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Word Frenzy Update

Word Frenzy v1.1 has been released (finally)! This version implements Open Feint, which handles the global high scores as well as achievements (trophies). This update will be included in Word Frenzy Free in the coming days as well.

To track your score in the global high scores, you will need to create an Open Feint account. This can be done inside Word Frenzy. See <a href=””>Open Feint</a> for more details.

Word Mix Lite update

Word Mix Lite 1.6.4 update removes the new Phone Calls permission. Sorry!

Word Mix Lite permissions

I’m listening to your concerns about the Phone Calls: read phone state permissions addition to Word Mix Lite.  This was added in due to a requirement by the ad provider.  I have contacted them to get a response as to why this is now required, as it wasn’t before.  If their response is not to my liking I will change providers and remove the permission.  If I do decide to keep the permission, I will post here (or in the comments) why the permission is there from the ad provider.  If any of you experience issues with the permission, please let me know.  I apologize for this.  I should get a response from them some time today.

Word Mix update

Word Mix and Word Mix Lite have been updated to v1.6.3.  Some bug fixes as well as ad changes for Word Mix Lite are included.  The READ_PHONE_STATE permission for Word Mix Lite is due to the ad changes.

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