*UPDATE* I have found the cause of this bug. If you have some letters in the guess row, then rotate the screen, it will allow the circles in the letter row to be clickable. If you click on one of these circles it will put a blank bubble in the guess row that will never go away. This can also cause letters to stick in the guess row. I will push out an update to fix this over the weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience! Below is a screenshot of how the game looks when this happens (thanks to Erica for providing this!):

There have been multiple reports of buttons mysteriously sticking in the “guess” row. This is being investigated. If you are experiencing this, please contact Greenrift Software (greenrift@gmail.com) and report the device you are using, the position in the guess row the letter is getting stuck, the letters that are in the current game, and if you started a new game or resumed a game.