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Word Mix finally updated

Ok, sorry for the delay. An update to version 1.6 for Word Mix and Word Mix Lite has just been released.

Items included in this update:

- Themes!!! I added in themes which include the original classic look as well as the new graphics.

- Fixed some keyboard support issues with the shift buttons being used as an analog for the “Last” button

- Fixed (hopefully) some issues with corrupted databases/dictionaries. The game should detect this now and attempt to fix itself.

- Made some dictionary updates

- Provided a button in the settings menu to manually refresh the dictionary. Normally an automatic check is done around every 50 levels played.

- Added a fancy intro screen.

Let me know if you find any problems and thanks for continuing to support Word Mix & Word Mix Lite!!

Word Mix and Word Frenzy updates…

Updates for Word Mix and Word Frenzy are coming soon!

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