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>Word Frenzy updates

Word Frenzy and Word Frenzy Free have been updated to version 1.0.3.


1.) Force close during high score updating.

2.) When letters have been pressed, if you press on the blank ring below the guessed letters, an empty green circle appears in the guessed letter area. If this is done enough times the game force closes.

Both issues have been fixed with this update. Please upgrade your apps!

>Word Mix major update

v1.5 of Word Mix and Word Mix Lite is out. Updates include new graphics as well as keyboard support and some force close issues.

Keyboard use:

Spacebar = Mix
Enter = Guess
Backspace/Delete = Removes the last letter pressed in the guess
Right shift = Last

>Word Frenzy is released!!!

Word Frenzy has been released to the Android Market! Word Frenzy is an anagram game where Text Twist meets Yahtzee. It’s fast paced and keeps your brain going! The object of the game is to guess as many words out of four sets of words as you can. You must guess enough words in the various categories to move to the next level. What’s the catch you may ask? Well, the letter sets shift in and out while you play the game. More strategy is required and you have to be quick to guess the words before the letters disappear.

Just like Word Mix, Word Frenzy is $0.99 to buy the ad free version. Word Frenzy Free is available ad supported, but fully featured.


Over 12,000 word sets.

Keyboard support.

Horizontal and vertical layouts.

High scores.


>New game is imminent!!!


I just wanted to let you know that Greenrift Software’s second Android release is imminent. Be looking for updates on this site as well as in the Android Market for our next release! The new app is faster paced than Word Mix. It should keep you on your toes and your brain going on full steam!

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